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“The RPS Warp Drive brings the attack and slight high-end roll-off of classic analog circuits without being as noisy and compressed. It walks a middle-ground between digital and analog sounds and achieves what I would say is the best of both worlds; clarity without sterility, warmth without noise.” - Chris Loeffler, Harmony Central (link)

"The Warp Drive emulated classic tones, while adding in some modern features to take advantage of everything it’s got up its sleeve, much to the delight of anyone who plays or hears this guy in action." - pedal of the day (link)

Crazy, Cool and Weird Delay Pedals in 2021: the Best Psychedelic Echo Stompboxes - Delicious Audio (link)


"This pedal is crazy! Love it! It’s my 3rd RPS pedal, love all 3 of them. Fast shipping, arrived 5 days early...thanks so much!" - Adam B. – Aug 16th, 2020

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