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RPS Effects is a brand of original, hand-built pedals, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Although the brand officially launched in 2018, founder Ryan Sarver has been building pedals since 2009. Our goal is to produce high quality instruments that can be picked up and played by anyone, while providing nuanced and deep possibilities that reward exploration. So whether you count yourself among the sonically adventurous, or are just looking for a solid piece of gear, you've come to the right place.


We have the patience and experience to make sure a design is rock-solid from an engineering point-of-view, using only the highest quality components and even going as far as to test at extreme temperatures to make sure they'll be reliable under any condition. That being said, musical electronics live in a world where art and science collide, and so a technical foundation is really just a jumping off point for finding something that actually sounds exciting and feels good to play. We never forget that we're designing a musical instrument – it needs to inspire!

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