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The Warp Drive is an analog delay based on the renowned 'bucket brigade' technology, offering up to 900ms of vintage warmth.


Like the light from a distant star that has long since burnt out yet still illuminates our night sky, your signal is passed along the 'buckets' and retained for just a little longer. Or with some feedback, forever.


Feedback control allows for more and more repeats to be added, eventually reaching the point where the effect gets pulled into the black hole of self-oscillation. When hovering just around the event horizon, however, you'll be floating in a world of beautiful reverb-like resonances and slowly evolving modulations.


Whereas some analog delays can sound as if you're listening to them over a questionable phone line, the Warp Drive has remarkably clear repeats and significant headroom while still retaining the character that distinguishes these delays from their digital counterparts.


The WARP feature allows you to add in some delay time modulation that's directly controlled by your playing. At the more subtle settings, this results in a light pitch bend, similar to the sound from a guitar whammy bar, or a sun-baked tape. At medium settings, specific pitch intervals can be dialed in, adding in a distinct second note to the one you play. At maximum warp, well... you're off into hyperspace.


To top it all off, expression pedal inputs are available for both feedback and delay time. All of these features make for a complex effect with limits only as far as you're willing to explore.

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