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“There are various bit crushing and downsampling pedals on the market and the Bit Reactor sits very nicely with the best-of-the-best, with an incredibly wide range of Sampling (via the Sample knob or an Expression pedal) and the ability to make the quality of the effect either fairly refined (8-Bits) or punchy and raw (1-Bit).” - (link)

"Hard to explain, fun to experiment with and a true eye-opener in the effects world, the Bit Reactor is a real noisemaker’s dream contained in a baby blue box." - pedal of the day (link)

Best Bitcrusher Pedals in 2021 - Delicious Audio (link)

Best Lo-Fi, Distortion and Modulation Pedals for Synths with CV In - Delicious Audio (link)

“It's a great sounding bit crusher. I have a couple of different bit crushers... one of the other ones is digital, which it doesn't necessarily matter whether things are analog or digital, but there's something about this that I think it sounds really, really cool -- I really like it”

- TheSuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show!  (link)


“The Bit reactor is an absolute blast of a bit crusher. The sample control is the special sauce. If you listen as you turn down the sample knob natural harmonies become present and you can tune them to the interval of your liking. What's awesome is it does chords too so lots of possibilities arise. Goes from Nintendo to summoning demons so plenty of sounds to be found.”

- Phillip R. – Jan 10th, 2023

“Wonderful Seller! FUN PEDAL! Works GREAT! GREAT Price! Fast Shipping!”

- John C. – Mar 9th, 2022

“Super fast shipping, very much appreciated. This thing is wild but if you can get it tamed it sounds amazing. I'm using it for guitar and it can get chiptune sounds and then some, which is what I was looking for. Overall, seems to be a solid product. Looking forward to seeing new stuff they make.”

- Jesse T. – Apr 21st, 2020

“Literally everything you want when you picture making your guitar play 8 bit (or lower) music. The range is absolutely phenomenal 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to play 8 bit of any type you will find what you’re looking for! Kudos RPS this pedal is amazing”

- Ian B. – Jan 25th, 2020

“Creative and unique piece. Infinite possibilities!”

- Kevin W. – Aug 25th, 2015

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