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"Fabulously freaky possibilities." Earned 'Premier Gear' award - Premier Guitar (link)

“I really genuinely think this is such a cool pedal. I mean it's not something you would use in every song and if you play in a covers band or something you wouldn't use that, but for little parts in a song, or even to write an entire song around a part of this... I love this sort of stuff. To me this is like, it just takes your creativity to a whole different level. ”

- TheSuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show! (link)

“The Arcade Machine may be a simple monophonic synth ... but it offers up a diverse palette of sound possibilities with five octave choices, including the main note (0 Octave) and 1-2 octaves up or down, all of which can be blended significantly or not at all. ”

- (link)

“Not your ordinary effects pedal, but there’s no way we’re complaining. Noisemakers around the globe will relish in the sounds created by this magnificent beast, and everyone else will be astounded and frightened by whatever they think is happening.”

- pedal of the day (link)

The Best Pedals for Synths with CV in/out in 2021 - Delicious Audio (link)


"I got exactly what I wanted faster than anything I’ve ever ordered from anywhere ever. I ordered on a holiday Monday and had my hands on this sweet pedal Wednesday afternoon! After a bit of time with this crazy stompbox I couldn’t be happier!" - Christopher P. – Feb 22nd, 2023

"Thank you guys so much! Fast shipping and it’s rare for me buy a pedal “directly from the dealership” but this thing went right next to my pog2 and it’s a fun exciting toy before you even touch the vibrato and expression pedals . Having all 12 semitones available is game changing. Thanks again!" - Sean H. – Feb 16th, 2023

"Wacky & Wild 😜!" - Vernon R. – Jan 11th, 2023

"The arcade machine is one of the most fun pedals imaginable. It's like turning your guitar into a Nintendo. So many cool effects can be achieved. You may need to add a boost or compressor to your guitar if you want notes to sustain. The gate is a very interactive and is very sensitive to pick attack and at about 75% this cool auto wah thing happens. Such an awesome pedal!" - Phillip R. – Jan 5th, 2023

"My creativity has peaked. It may be my generation but I don't know for sure. Seriously. You know what I'm talking about. You're reading this review because you are like me. It's April 2022, I wanted this pedal for nearly a year, I ordered one, and just wow. Mine is number 109. I'm pretty sure this one is special. Whatever number yours is, it will become an important pedal because it is currently an amazing pedal." - Ryan A. – Apr 20th, 2022

"Best addition to my pedal chain in years. Arrived quicker than anticipated. In conjunction with my step sequencer this thing is phenomenal. Quality of pedal is top notch. Well worth the price for something so unique." - Eric F. – Feb 5th, 2022

"Shipped immediately, safely, and is fantastic in every respect, sight and sound. Easily one of my favorite purchases, can't thank you enough! 11/10, would definitely buy again." - Robert S. – Apr 4th, 2021

"Good Communication, wonderfull Pedal - just heaven ;-)" - Andreas K. – Sep 7th, 2020

"Shipped quickly, safely, and exactly as described. Great communication, and VERY cool pedal! Thanks!" - Jon R. – Jun 14th, 2020

"Great service! Excellent pedal with unique sounds and capabilities! Buy with Confidence!" - Wesley B. – Jun 10th, 2020

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