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“For a pedal this size, with these few options, this thing is POWERFUL. So much is packed into this effect, and it’s so dynamic and responsive – tremolo fiends will be in sonically blissful heaven in an instant. Kudos to RPS Effects once again (these guys are making some good stuff, people) for an innovative and smart approach to yet another effect.” - pedal of the day (link)

"RPS has taken on this classic effect with their own twists(s); reactive playing and the coolest visual tempo indicator I’ve come across." - Chris Loeffler, Harmony Central (link)

"This is game-changer... The way that Tremulus Maximus is utilizing that [AUTO] feature, and the way that I've been able to play with it – completely musical. I don't know what else to say guys, this is an amazing trem – I really dig it." - The Noise Reel (link)

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